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company news about a professional manufacture of the 10ml vial labels

China Hjtc (Xiamen) Industry Co., Ltd certification
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thanks june its always a pleasure to work with you happy weekend regards steve

—— steve

June, I received the labels today and they look great! You are the only one who I will do business with now. Is there a place to make a comment on your website? If so, I would be glad to tell about your great and fast service. Thank You,

—— Albert USA

i receive the stickers and boxes,i really love them,Thank you for your service,i will order again very soon!

—— Aaron McGill

Easy to talk with, very professional and fast service, the quality is super good. Even better than we ordered from Germany!!

—— Tom

June I received the labels and they look beyond amazing :)

—— Kevin Smith

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Company News
a professional manufacture of the 10ml vial labels
Latest company news about a professional manufacture of the 10ml vial labels

We are a professional manufacturer of Glass Vial Labels in China. Here I recommend some of our most popular products as following:

Laser Rainbow Colored Glass Vial Labels , Medicine Bottle Label For Tablet Container Multi Size Glass Vial Labels Laser Custom Hologram For 300mg Masteron Enanthate Adhesive Sticker Labels / Steroid Vial Labels Glossy With Laser Line Stamped Finish Hologram Laser Label Stickers With Printing For Super Pharma Glass Bottle Vial Various GEN PHARMA 10ml Glass Vial Labels DECA / TEST E 300 Laser Vial Stickers Black GMA Labs Medicine Bottle Label DECA/ TEST E 300 Laser Vial Stickers Glossy Waterproof Euro GenRX Glass Vial Labels Hologram Medication Label Stickers Euro Gen Rx Deisgn Medication Label Stickers , Strong Adhesive Pharmacy Labels Stickers Custom Hologram 10ml Glass Vial Labels / Pharmacy Bottle Labels Super Pharma Deisgn Custom Private Glass Vial Labels Pharmaceutical Vial 10ml Label For Test E 250


for the labels we have hologram laser labels designs very nice.and very small qty MOQ.


i can send u more designs for your reference,we can change the names and logo as your require.just give me the names u need pls.


If you want to know more information about our company and products, please browse website at, and anytime, We will offer competitive price and trustable quality for you.

Hope to cooperate with you.
Warm regards,

Miss. june dai


Hjtc (Xiamen) Industry Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Huayongjian Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Contacts: June & Eason

Whatsapp:+8618206063252; +8618759200098


Web site:



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