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company news about How Do Bodybuilders Build Muscle Scientifically?

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Company News
How Do Bodybuilders Build Muscle Scientifically?
Latest company news about How Do Bodybuilders Build Muscle Scientifically?



Guide language: study and understand the basic knowledge of fitness, so as to carry out effective and scientific exercise, the accumulation of fat is effectively inhibited, the growth efficiency of muscle is improved, and the effective training effect is achieved.

Of course, there are a lot of equipment in the gym, there are fixed equipment, dumbbells, barbells and other heavy free equipment, and it is very complicated, if you are going to the gym for the first time, then you must be confused, confused.
It is recommended that beginners use fixed equipment first, because the first to the gym, the body strength is not very stable, for their own strength understanding is insufficient. This needs to be observed slowly from the stationary exercise, and then slowly over to the free exercise, the time to maintain 40-50 minutes.

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You know the basics of building muscle


1, resistance first, aerobic second
The first training to increase muscle is resistance, resistance to strength. Dumbbells and barbells can improve the dimension of muscle, external stimulation can tear muscle tissue, when you do not exercise or rest, muscle will grow, because get enough nutrition, will become very thick.
People who are obese or want to improve their fitness should focus on aerobic exercise. Running, jumping rope, and swimming are all cardio exercises that you can do two or three times a week to improve your physical endurance and curb fat accumulation, making you better at resistance training.

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2. Improve the load level step by step

In the beginning, the efficiency of fitness is very high, and the muscle growth rate is achieved. A lot of people say, after having passed period of time, the feeling muscle arrived bottleneck period, did not change also did not grow, what reason is this caused?
The main factor is that the body has adapted to the stimulation of exercise. High intensity exercise can make muscle growth, muscle growth is not as much as you want, there is a limit to muscle growth. There is also a limit to the endurance of human body to exercise. Individual body conditions vary, and there are certain limits to improve and withstand the exercise load. You should increase the weight and time until you can't hold on.

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3. Protein

Muscle growth needs amino acids. After working out, muscle growth is faster than usual, so we need more protein. Why eat protein? Because protein can be broken down into amino acids, we can consume the right amount of meat, chicken breast, lean meat, eggs, and dairy products to get protein from which to nourish our muscles.
After fitness, eat 0.6 to 1.4 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is more appropriate. Usually, the protein intake of general fitness crowd every day is about 0.8g per kilogram of body weight, eat more than one day, eat less than one meal. While improving efficiency, it won't hurt your body.

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4. Combine work and rest, and keep enough rest

Major and minor muscles are the two largest muscle groups in the human body. After exercise, the muscles will be damaged, so we need to give the muscles time to repair, usually 2-3 days rest time is ok. After working out the chest, back and thigh muscles, rest for 3-4 days, and rest for 2 days for the arm, shoulder, and abdominal muscles before starting a new round of training.
Fitness stresses the combination of work and rest, don't rush. Muscle growth happens mostly when you're resting, not when you're training. And exercise the same muscle group every day, will lead to muscle tears, affecting the efficiency of muscle.

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5. Stay away from junk food

High fat, high calorie food, can affect the growth rate of fat, accordingly, can cause you to be able to practice to come out the figure with no aesthetic feeling. Keep the body fat percentage low and improve the muscle dimension during the workout to get a good figure.
Keep in mind that the ratio of carbohydrate, protein and fat is 5:3:2. This ratio is the best diet. Do clean diet, eat less junk food, develop the best eating habits, as soon as possible to gain muscle success.


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