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company news about If you burn more fat on an empty stomach, does that mean you'll lose fat faster?

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Company News
If you burn more fat on an empty stomach, does that mean you'll lose fat faster?
Latest company news about If you burn more fat on an empty stomach, does that mean you'll lose fat faster?

Exercise on an empty stomach, lose fat faster, I believe you should have heard this statement.

I believe that many people who are just in contact with exercise to lose weight have also believed in this statement, and have practiced it. Perhaps only those who have run on an empty stomach can understand what kind of feeling. From the first step, they feel it is difficult to run until they really can't move. After a period of practice, the body did make some progress. The discomfort of running on an empty stomach was not as strong as at first, but there was no significant change in weight or body fat content.
Practice tells us that the faster you lose fat on an empty stomach may just be a long-held myth, or, if it does, the faster you lose it, the faster you lose it on a scale.
In 2020, fasting has become more and more popular, and many people are trying intermittent fasting or shortening the time window of eating. In this case, fasting exercise has become a common situation. How does fasting exercise affect the body?


latest company news about If you burn more fat on an empty stomach, does that mean you'll lose fat faster?  0

Will you lose more fat?

Or does it have any adverse effects, does it increase muscle loss?

It has become a problem that more people will face. Today, Ao Jiao Jun will say, is it good to exercise on an empty stomach?


The core problem of fasting exercise:

How does your body react to exercise on an empty stomach and after a meal?
Does fasting exercise reduce fat faster?
Does fasting exercise affect performance?
Does fasting exercise burn more muscle?
Finally, should we exercise on an empty stomach?


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01, fasting and postprandial exercise, how will the body react?

The main difference between fasting and postprandial exercise is the energy supply during exercise.


Exercise on an empty stomach

On an empty stomach (usually for a night without food), the body has low carbohydrate stores, mainly lower levels of glycogen in the liver, and lower levels of available glucose in the blood. Exercise puts the body in a state of energy expenditure. Where does energy come from?
While the body struggles to get glucose from other sources, such as burning glycogen in muscles or converting it to glucose with protein and fat, it burns stored fat. So your body burns more fat when you exercise on an empty stomach.
However, at the same time, due to the decrease of liver glycogen reserve during fasting, and the main function of liver glycogen is to maintain the stability of blood glucose level, if there are problems in blood glucose regulation itself, such as diabetic patients, exercise at this time is more prone to hypoglycemia and other symptoms.


Postprandial exercise:

After a meal, the body is rich in glucose, which can be used directly to fuel exercise, so you don't need to use as much fat reserves. Specific carbohydrate and fat energy supply ratio is still related to the intensity and time of exercise, the higher the intensity of exercise, the higher the proportion of carbohydrate consumption.


latest company news about If you burn more fat on an empty stomach, does that mean you'll lose fat faster?  2
02, whether fasting exercise faster fat loss?

If you burn more fat on an empty stomach, does that mean you'll lose fat faster? However be not such short time inside use adipose is not equal to reduce adipose!
Fat, like everything else in the body, is in permanent dynamic equilibrium. For example, exercise in the morning to consume more fat, after lunch with energy intake and insulin secretion, fat will be stored, and so on, in the long term, is in a dynamic balance.
Want to let fat reduce truly, still need to be in a period of time, let the body intake of heat is less than the amount of heat consumed, delimit the key, is a period of time, usually is a few months or so, rather than a meal.
So if you don't reduce your caloric intake after exercise, you can't lose more fat whether you exercise on an empty stomach or not.
In fact, some studies with longer follow-up periods comparing fasting and postpranaltic exercise found that after a month of training, both groups achieved weight loss and did not differ in body fat content, as long as their daily calorie intake was reduced. And a 2017 systematic review of five studies that looked at fasting and postmealtime exercise also found that fasting exercise had no significant effect on body fat over time.
However, the number of studies on fasting exercise is still small, and the duration of the study is limited to 1 month to a few months, and more studies are needed to confirm the long-term effects of fat loss, cardiopulmonary function, insulin sensitivity and other aspects.
According to the current scientific research results, whether fasting exercise has little effect on the change of body fat content, and the key to long-term fat loss is to consume more calories than to consume calories.
So, if you really like to exercise on an empty stomach in the morning, that's fine.
However, if you're a death Star early riser or live in winter when it's seven o 'clock, you don't have to get up at five to go running without food, especially if it makes you uncomfortable to do so on an empty stomach. Don't let the false belief that fasting can help you lose weight get in the way.


latest company news about If you burn more fat on an empty stomach, does that mean you'll lose fat faster?  3
03. Does fasting exercise affect performance?

Fasting exercise does not help us lose more fat, so what is the harm of fasting exercise?
For example, people who have exercised on an empty stomach have experienced that it is definitely not a good time to run out of personal PB (the best result) on an empty stomach, because the feeling of fatigue is really stronger. Does fasting exercise affect performance?
According to the results of the current study, whether fasting exercise affects performance depends on the intensity and duration of exercise. When the exercise intensity is 60-70% of vo2 Max, fasting or not has no significant impact on performance and subjective fatigue. When the exercise time is less than 1 hour, fasting or not has little effect on performance.
But when the exercise is long and intense, fasting decreases performance. Because, after all, athletic performance depends in large part on glucose supply.
But when it comes to our fitness routine, it doesn't matter. Unless you're running a marathon or a full sprint, athletic performance doesn't matter much whether you eat breakfast or not, and subjective fatigue is probably related to not sleeping well, waking up too early, or being cold.

latest company news about If you burn more fat on an empty stomach, does that mean you'll lose fat faster?  4


04. Do You burn more Muscle on an empty stomach?

Does exercising on an empty stomach cause your body to consume more muscle because it doesn't have enough carbohydrates? For the muscle building party, the consumption of muscle can be said to be very terrible. But the answer is: no.
First, to be clear, if you are losing weight, then building muscle at the same time is not a very realistic goal, because as you lose weight, fat and non-fat weight (including muscle) are lost at the same time, and there is no change. For example, if you're trying to lose weight through intermittent fasting while trying to gain muscle, it's not whether fasting will help you, but it's going against the basics of weight loss.
Now the question is, does fasting exercise use more muscle than non-fasting exercise at the same calorific difference, and the answer is no.
First, because we have muscle glycogen to power us.
In this case, although liver glycogen (about 80g) is exhausted, muscle glycogen (average 500g) is not consumed.
Muscle glycogen also provides energy during exercise without having to consume muscle protein to provide energy for exercise. 500g of glycogen in muscles can provide 2000kcal of calories, which is difficult to consume in general intensity exercise, either aerobic or strength.
Second, proteins are also in dynamic equilibrium.
Like fat, the body's protein is also in a dynamic balance, our muscles are not static, but in constant renewal, there are consumption and synthesis.
During exercise, muscles are strained by stress, and strength training produces more signals to repair and synthesize muscles. Whether muscle is increased over a period of time depends on whether the protein supply is sufficient during this period and whether there are enough signals to stimulate muscle synthesis.
Exercise itself, whether or not you exercise on an empty stomach, is a signal to increase muscle synthesis, and protein supply is not related to whether or not you exercise on an empty stomach. So, if you're trying to build muscle while intermittently fasting, don't worry about wasting muscle on an empty stomach. Instead, think about how to increase your overall protein intake and stay active.


latest company news about If you burn more fat on an empty stomach, does that mean you'll lose fat faster?  5

05. Finally, should you exercise on an empty stomach?

In recent years, more research has focused on fasting, but the overall quantity and quality of research needs to be enhanced.
There are many studies suggesting that fasting exercise can increase the metabolic plasticity of muscles and liver, which can better utilize fat for energy supply. But when it comes to performance and fat loss, the real end points that we care about, fasting exercise is no better than postpranalmed exercise.
So whether or not to exercise on an empty stomach should be a personal lifestyle choice. There is no better or worse option. It's fine if it fits into your life and work, but if you can't do it on an empty stomach or if it doesn't fit into your lifestyle and schedule, then you really don't have to.

If you choose to exercise on an empty stomach, note a few things:

Exercise on an empty stomach should not be too intense, preferably at 50-60% of the maximum exercise intensity
The time that empty stomach moves should not be too long, should control within 1 hour
Fasting exercise should pay attention to water
It is best to eat protein-rich foods after exercise, while paying attention to carbohydrates and water.


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