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company news about The factors that affect viscosity of steroids vial labels

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Company News
The factors that affect viscosity of steroids vial labels
Latest company news about The factors that affect viscosity of steroids vial labels

The factors that affect viscosity of steroids vial labels




In general, the factors influencing viscosity

1 . temperature drops .

2 . time in glass transition temperature viscosity area, the formation of glass liquid viscosity

with time of about .

3 . silicate material viscosity is always changes with the joining of different modified cationic

Viscoelastic, In certain cases, some amorphous and polycrystal, same time when the anelastic:

inorganic solids and metal show this kind of time dependent of flexibility.


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Factors affecting creep


1 Steady state creep rate increases with the increases of temperature;

2. The smaller the grain size, the greater, the steady creep rate.


When the temperature rises, the viscosity of the glass phase decreases, thus the deformation rate

increases. The creep behavior of different material is different. APS structure increases, diffusion

and dislocation motion decrease, the creep will be small . The theoretical fracture strength of a

material is related to the elastic modulus, surface energy and lattice constant.


Factors influence the fracture the fracture strength of material, intemal factors of material physical

properties, such as elastic modulus, thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, fracture can 2 micro-

structure such as phase composition, porosity, grain boundary and the micro cracks three external

factors temperature processing the purity of raw material particle size 4 shape, forming method, etc.


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The fracture strength of a material dependents not on the number of cracks but on the size of

the cracks Measures to prevent crack propagation:


1 . the working stress shall not exceed the critical stress.

2 . An energy-absorbing mechanism shall be set up in the material Artificially creating a large number

of very fine cracks in the material can also absorb energy and prevent crack growth, The two parameters

of microstructure of ceramic material are grain size and porosity.


Ways to improve the strength and toughness of inorganic material


1.High purity and density of microcrystalline mater(eliminating defects);

2. Improvement of crack resistance and prestressing (thermal toughening technology);

3. Chemical strength change of chemical composition (large ions for small ions)

4. phase change and toughening;

5. Diffusion and toughening;

6. Composite material.


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Factors affecting heat capacity


1 . when the influence of temperature on heat capacity is higher than debye temperature, the heat capacity

tends to be constant, when is lower than, it is proportional to(T/)

2 . The influence of the elastic modulus of chemical bond melting point the lighter the atom, the greater the

force between the atoms

3 . Thermal capacity of the inorganic material is not sensitive to the structure of the material

4 . The phase transition occurs a sudden change in the thermal capacity due to the discontinuous change of heat.




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